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 Affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University
 A B.C.A. / B.B.A. College
About Us

Raniganj Institute of Information Technology has been set up by theeducational society, Raniganj Institute of Computer Education, formed underSociety's Act of West Bengal in 2001 with view of creating a facility forimparting quality education in business and technology (through a liaison withindustry on one hand and educational institution on other hand).

The B.B.A Course helps the students to get professionally qualified to meetthe challenge of modern business. It helps the students to get the jobopportunities better than any other general Bachelor Degree.

In recent times all the business activities are technology orientedespecially information technology. The B.C.A. Course helps students to gettechnology advanced and develop them into trained IT professionals.

Since a healthy educational environment is very much lacking in the region,so the institute aims to concentrate its effort to provide a state-of-art environmentto the students and help them to overcome all their drawbacks and to developthemselves in such a way so as to meet the raising pressure in their workingplace for these they are giving regular counseling from the teachers.

The efforts contributed by the students and teachers have helped the studentto secure ranks in both B.B.A and B.C.A Examinations at the University level.

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