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 Affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University
 A B.C.A. / B.B.A. College
Collegiate School

Since 2001 RIIT has been establish under the educationalsociety RICE and the college has performed successfully over the year impartingquality education and giving competent personalities in different fields. Forthe year 2006 , Asansol Collegiate School was establish under the sameeducational society as a sister concern of Raniganj Institute of InformationTechnology. Asansol Collegiate School has also performed consistency for allthese years and students are from Asansol Collegiate school are already wellplaced in reputed institutions for higher education.Finaly in year 2016, thenew branch of Asansol collegiate School is being open at RIIT, Raniganj to meetthe growing demand for English Medium HS School in Raniganj which will be thefirst ever of its of its kind in raniganj.Collegiate school raniganj is goingto provide the platform for student to acquire quality education in English versionfor HS Course and also get opportunity to study the syllabus of WBCHSE which isat par with CBSE syllabus.

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